I am the owner and operator of Cantrell Marching, and have been writing drill for 23 years. I have written marching band drill for bands ranging in size from 16 to 300 members. I am comfortable writing for any size and quality level, but most of my work is with smaller bands (100 members or less)

Example of videos sent to band directors: 

After I get music and numbers and we discuss ideas to incorporate in your show, I will start the writing process. After I write each song, I will send you the charts, coordinates and video of your drill. If you have concerns about anything when you get your draft of the drill, let me know and I’ll rewrite it. My job is to keep you happy and make your band successful for their community as well as the judges.

I believe quality drill should be affordable. Contact me and let me know the size of your band. We’ll find a price that fits your band program. This price is all inclusive and includes charts, coordinate sheets and videos of your drill in motion synched to the music. It also includes one rewrite for changing numbers per month.

I do not require a deposit or contract, and my standard is to use fall billing, sending out an invoice on September 1st. Basically, after we agree on a price, that's the last you'll hear about money until it's time for me to send the invoice. If your school district requires this paperwork, or if you want to pay me on the present year’s budget, that is not a problem

Usually it is about one month from the time we get everything finalized until you receive the first song, and I try to send you each additional song at two week intervals. If we need to work to accommodate a special situation (not knowing your numbers until band camp, for example), we can make it work. 

(972) 375-3060

1048 Reed St, Hurst, TX, United States